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Subscription Benefits - Optional Upgrades

1. Professional POS Base and Universal Tablet Mount

Heavier duty that our included swivel stand, however more difficult to swivel or adjust.

2. Kensington Lock & Security Cable for Above Mount

Do you want a someone to need a bolt cutter to walk away with your tablet? Then this is your solution!

3. 11"x17" Sign-Up Poster with Wall Mount Display

An 11 X 17'' wall hanger is sure to attract the attention of your customers. With this hanging sign, nobody can miss your loyalty program.

4. Additional 8.5"x11" Sign-Up Posters

Do you have a big location? We can provide as many of these signs as you'd like!

5. Additional Loyalty & Gift Card Holders

Do you have multiple stations? You can get your hands on multiple table talker card holders.

6. Customized Loyalty & Gift Cards

Your branded Loyalty/Gift card becomes year-round advertising for your business … not only when your customers use it at your location, but every single time they pull it out of their purse or wallet at ANY of the participating One Loyalty Network merchant locations.

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