Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Care About Having A Loyalty Rewards Program?

How Long Will It Take to Set Up My Loyalty Program?

What Are Digital Fundraising Cards?

Do You Charge Me for the Number of Transactions or Customers That I Have?

Can I Publish Coupons and/or Promotions When I Want?

Can I Track What My Clerks Are Doing?

Can I Have Multiple Loyalty Programs?

What Sorts of Campaigns Can I Run?

Can I Report in Real Time, Anytime?

What If I Don't Have a Mobile Website?

Do You Market Your Own Services to My Customers?

Do I Need to Use Loyalty Cards?

What If I Want to Use My Own Gift Card Services?

What If I Want to Mass Market a Promotion of Mine?

Can I Have Customers Fill Out Surveys?

Can I See a Customer's Individual History?