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Customer Support - 877.224.9175

Merchant Support

Take advantage of our toll-free customer service at no extra charge. We want to ensure you get the most of your new loyalty platform, which is why customer support is at the heart of our program.

Software Updates

All software updates are included with your subscription to OLN.

Real-Time, Cutting-Edge Data and Card Processing

From the second your customer makes a purchase, our data center is accessing all available information and monitoring all transactions in order to keep that consumer’s card seamlessly up-to-date. All cards can be easily activated, redeemed, or reloaded.

PC & Mac Friendly

Our online portal can be accessed through a browser on any computer with an internet connection.

One Membership per Customer

With the One Loyalty Network card, your customers won’t have to worry about carrying around dozens of cards in their wallets. Our card is good at every participating merchant location, although they may not even have to carry a physical card at all since their accounts can be searched on the One Loyalty Network or scanned from their mobile device.

And, even though our card is good everywhere within the One Loyalty Network, your data as a merchant remains specific to your company. This means there is no cross-sharing of deals or rewards.

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