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Email Campaigns

You can use One Loyalty Network’s set and forget e-mail campaigns to stay in touch with your clients in a non-intrusive way. Once you’ve set up your e-mail campaigns, we handle all of the legwork involved with analyzing your current data and sending messages at appropriate times. Because you don’t have to worry about sending out e-mails, you can focus on running your business!

Birthday Email Campaign

This campaign allows you to connect with your customers with a special message and coupon on their birthday. They will be able to redeem their birthday voucher at your business until a certain date set by you. Because of this, you can look forward to their return business without even lifting a finger!

Big Spenders Email Campaign

This campaign runs on the first day of each month. With this campaign, a special voucher reward will be sent to your most loyal customers with a special thank you note for their patronage. These select customers will be able to redeem their voucher until a certain date set by you.

Use our email campaign builder to create professional looking newsletter emails that you can send to a select few or all of your customers.

QR Codes

As you might know, a QR code is a barcode which holds much more data than a standard barcode. Typically, QR codes hold instructions that, when scanned, will trigger certain events to happen, such as opening a webpage.

With One Loyalty Network, you can use QR codes to add customers to your loyalty program. All they have to do is scan the code with their mobile device, and they will be taken to a page where they can join your program. You can include QR codes in printed Ads, newspaper articles, e-mail signatures, menus, coupons, on clothing, on your website, and yes: even as a tattoo.

Mobile Website Builder

Do you have a mobile website? If not, you should! Over 50% of local searches are done on a mobile device. Let your customers find the information their looking for in a format that's easy to read on their phone. Don't let your customers go to your competition because they could easily find what they were looking for on someone else's site!

SMS/MMS Campaigns

Do you want to send text messages, images or video? You can one the One Loyalty Network platform. Did you know that industry email open rates are around 15% (depending on industry), but SMS/MMS open rates are closer to 97%? Get a higher bang for your buck and make sure your messages are read!

Push Notifications

Do you want to push a message to a customer's mobile phone that is within 1 mile of your location right now? You can easily do that with our Push Notifications and either the One Loyalty Network Community App or your own branding Mobile App.

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